A Beautiful Broken Soul

PQA Bury

PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films

A young student, on the verge of adulthood is crippled by fear of his exams, feeling like a failure. He does the unthinkable to the heartbreak of his friends, who blame themselves, especially his best friend. But realising his mistake he gets the chance to talk to her and tell her it isn’t her fault.

Jane – Neve Bradshaw
Austin – George Parkinson
Darren – Samuel Rhodes

Supporting Cast:
Steven Barlow
Emma Hodkin
Georgia Walsh
Charlotte Stanworth
Declan Crankshaw
Lilia Grace Giffard

George Parkinson

George Parkinson

Andreja Bielske
Emma Hodkin

Film & TV Teachers:
David Turner
Connor Beckwith

Andrea Lynette-Young


  • 2019

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