A Sprinkle of Revenge

PQA Ipswich

PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films

Bullies Bobbie and Phil make Christine and Samantha break into Mr Wesley’s classroom to steal the answer to the math’s test. But Bobbie and Phil trick Christine and lock her into the classroom then set off the fire alarm. Will Christine forgive Samantha for not being there? Will Bobbie and Phil get what is coming to them?

Ethan Ambler – Mr Wesley
Poppy-Marie Brown – Phil
Martha Patrick – Christine
Alice Scoresby – Bobbie
Havanna Vincent – Samantha


Supporting Actors:
Summer Adams
Lily Benmore
Penny Bell
Kenya Bowers-Barnard
Rhys Burnett
Kacie Ford
Hulya Donmez
Abinaya Kirupakaran
Mya Krejsa-Gwilliam


Montgomery Long
Isobel Mc Nicholas
Emilie Nicholson
Nellie Skeet
Isla Skinner
Poppy Swinbourne
Abby Warren
Mia Wharton
Sophie Williams

  • 2019

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