Another Story

PQA Richmond

One Minute to Save the World 2019 Finalist.

At the start of the year PQATV and The Children’s Media Conference challenged young filmmakers to make a one minute short film on the theme of ‘One Minute to Save the World’.

We asked them to make a film about something that they believe in. A film that makes us think, that is authentic to them.

Director Statement:
Growing numbers of teenagers are struggling with mental health and this is exacerbated by the lack of social support. It’s in your power to change the ending.

Collectively devised and directed by:
Thaisa Smart
Amelie Bridge
Alba Mc Cann-Carrasco
Kenya Richards
Leah Odell Angba

Girl – Thaisa Smart
Friend – Leah Odell Angba

  • 2019

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