PQA Bristol Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

4 Week Film Challenge Highly Commended

400 years in the future, we’ve destroyed earth, most have fled to new world, but one crew leapfrog through time in cryo-sleep checking to see if they can return, but is all as it seems?  

Cast Anita Sandhu David Thorne-Rossiter Robert Ellison Alice Masterson-Andrews Jemima Baxendale Rebecca Rocker Kallum Burgess Tabitha Megan Undewood Barney Tartellin

Directors Daniel McAra Phoebe Baxendale

Crew Camera Operator – Finn O’Shea Clapper Loader – Oliver Delacruz Grip – David Thorne-Rossiter Make-Up Artist – Rebecca Rocker Sound Design & Recording – Barney Tartellin

  • 2018

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