PQA National Film Festival & Awards 2018 Official Selection

You can’t jump from clique to clique. People should stay in their place. Molly shouldn’t be allowed to be friends with everyone, she is a popular girl, so she needs to stay with the other popular girls, otherwise it just isn’t fair.

Cast Jake – Finley Sawyer Clara – Louise Aust Molly – Grace Slattery Supporting Cast Popular Girls – Alanis Vaughan, Jenna-May Cox, Memphis-Lee Dixon Emos – Ben Mclean, Olivia Blackwell, Lillie Nicholls, Milly Nanson, Siobhan Male, Poppy Howe, Sarah Maddams, Tilly Walker, Levi Pike Geeks – Charlie Mccarthy, Luci Dimond, Samuel Mazzotta, Grace Powell, Tallulah-Mae Townsend, Ellie Leach

Director Hannah Greig

Crew Main Camera Operator – Millie Nutburn Make Up – Lillie Nicholls Head of Sound – Grace Slattery And all of PQA Red Group

  • 2018

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