Crime Never Pays

PQA Lincoln

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Northern Regional Official Selection
5 Week Film Challenge Runner Up

Emilia Vasquez has escaped from maximum security prison. At the same time a priceless 1977 Millennium Falcon goes missing and a task force must track down the criminal responsible. Twists and double twists ensue as Fernandez and his officers race to crack the case.


Alex Laughton
Matthew Tonge
Lily Fowler
Shaunna Cheriton
Alice Taylor
Holly Starbuck

Lily Inkpin
Isaac Lanes
Lauren Miller
Jasmyne Wigfield
Mackenzie Wing
Molly Inkpin
Dan Woodall

Directors – Molly Inkpin, Ashleigh Burke & Holly Starbuck

Additional Crew:

Camera – Molly Inkpin & Charlie Richardson
Stills Photography – Shannua Cheriton
Hair & Make-Up – Grace Ray

  • 2019

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