Game Theory

PQA Edinburgh

PQA National Film Festival & Awards 2018 Official Selection.

A short film by PQA Edinburgh.

The ultimate game requires the ultimate price. A whole new gaming experience awaits 4 teams of players but who will have the right tactics to complete the game, and who will pay the ultimate price for failure. This isn’t like any other game they have played before!

Rachel – Ellie Pagliarulo
Mary – Indigo Pearson
Keira – Alana Robertson
Lindsey – Stanley Treshansky
Billy – Toby Nicholson
Tom – Matthew Grant
Grace – Cerys Paton
Sally – Mhyrren Bourhill
Zoe – Jessica Taylor
Paula – Skye Letchford
Tara – Ailsa Williamson
Rose – Sophie Milligan
David – Charlie Lynch
Georgia – Rachel Derry
Caroline – Chloe Sibbald
Hannah – Gabriella Nicol
Orla – Hannah Wilson

1st AD – Megan Grant
Camera – Ella Bennie
Camera – Rebecca Ritchie
Sound – Daniel Nisbet
Sound – Cerys Dear
Sound – Ruby Heughan
Clapper – Aimee Willetts

Leonna McGilligan-Dix

Film & TV Teacher:
Graham Kitchener

Film Assistants;
Simon Dix
Connor Borthwick

Stewart McConnell

  • 2019

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