Hitch in Time

PQA Leeds Bradford

PQA Leeds Regional Film Festival Official Selection

A short film by PQA Leeds-Bradford

When their magical troll gets confiscated, a daring group of students go on a mission to retrieve it in the hope that it will gift them with the answers to the class test. They end up getting more than they bargained for when an inquisitive member of the group discovers something even more magical!

Kimberley Baker

Film & TV Teacher:
Callum Reid

Film Assistant:
Niamh Hendron

Charlotte Pooley
Fearne Page
Blaize Middleton
Jake Hayes
William Danks-Tatham

School Children:
Kirsten Acquah
Alicia Ayub
Elizabeth Danks-Tatham
Elsie Dickson
Eloise Kite
Amelia Monk
Olivia Rawnsley
Ben Read-Davies
Abigail Towler
Meryl Walker
Harry Wilde
Jenny Ingham
Katy Mcmillan

Assistant Director:
Olivia Rawnsley

Camera Operator:
Eloise Kite

Abigail Towler
Katy Mcmillan

Kirsten Acquah
Elizabeth Danks-Tatham

Scene Coordinator:
Abigail Towler

  • 2019

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