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One Minute to Save the World 2019 Runner Up.

At the start of the year PQATV and The Children’s Media Conference challenged young filmmakers to make a one minute short film on the theme of ‘One Minute to Save the World’.

We asked them to make a film about something that they believe in. A film that makes us think, that is authentic to them.

Director Statement:
“The film I have created is about running out of time to save the world. This is shown by the characters inability to reach the button to save the world as he battles against one factor of climate change which is littering and rubbish.
Once the character tips the chart by littering again, the world starts to revenge and re-gives all the litter it has gained throughout the years. The character is unable to reach the button and everything goes black, showing the world will be nothing unless we change.
This is important to me as it worries me that the world is going downhill and many people are not doing anything about it to help us all survive.
It is also important to me as my all time dream is to become a director or an asset to the filmmaking community where I can spread movie magic, this is my biggest dream and this video will help me reach my goal.”

Made by:
Will Stogden

  • 2019

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