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PQA Ipswich

PQA Muswell Hill Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

Vanessa is a youtube vlogger and everyone loves her and her vlogs. One of her classmates, Mackenzie, sabotages her by tricking her into saying something mean about her best friend Jessica. Mackenzie then secretly posts it on Vanessa’s channel. Vanessa is outcast by her classmates and everything seems to be going wrong for her. But when she’s at her loneliest Jessica comes and finds her because their friendship is still strong despite the backlash.

Cast Kacie Ford Eva Smith Kassie Weekes-Shava

Supporting Cast Nellie Skeet Madison Pirie Victoria Tasker Mia Wharton Isla Skinner Kenya Bowers Barnard Mya Kresja Gwilliam Nuala Hood Rhys Burnett Candyce Rodriguez Daisy Linassi

Crew Assistant Director: Robyn Dix Camera: Lucia Sanchez Leost Runners: Maria Torres, Carolina Lopez, Havannah Vincent, Stephanie Wain, Amy Jennis, Bonnie Madden, Theodor Bucur, Sarah With, Lauren Boost

  • 2018

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