Mid-Day Mysteries

PQA Enfield

Florence inherits a family treasure from her Uncle Quentin – the priceless diamond hippo. During her celebratory party, detectives are called to solve a murder mystery.

Tiana Anikitou
Frances Burbedge
Christina Efstathiou
Nicole Englishby
Jack Forino
Shenice Friday
Lauryn Grant
Alexia Horea
Roisin James Souch
Grace Kelly
Poppy Langthorne

Kelsey Lawrence
Mar-valisha McGhan
Helin Mehmet
Hannah O’Farrell
Isabella Peel
Ria-Rene Rodney
Briana Shann
Khira Slimani
Jaenique Tuitt
Sophia Turner
Tia Twitchings
Keira Webb

Assistant Director & Script Supervisor:
Sophia Turner 
Poppy Langthorne
Camera Assistant and Operator:
Tiana Anikitou
Clapper Board:
Alexia Horea 
Filmed by:
Adriana Perez
Written by:
Will and Xenia McGinley

  • 2017

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