Ninja’s From Outta Space

PQA Enfield

November 2018 Film of the Month!

A young boy is met by Ninja’s from out of space who try to steal his homework. Will he be able to save the homework he spent ages working on for his favourite teacher Ms Janet or will the Ninja’s from Planet X53 remain undefeated?

Oreoluwa Adegbie
Abigail Adeyale
Elizabeth Baker
Asli Cetin
Jacob Dahir
Maria Sophia Horea
Jessica Kerly
Scarlett Kiamil

Laura Kumaraku
Malvina Kurucova
Thalia Moses
Oliver Sander
Kush Shah
Danielius Suli
Adrius Suli
Martin Weinberger

Indiya Mackenzie
Make Up:
Lucy Allen
Xenia McGinley
Written and Filmed by:
Claudio Ravanelli

  • 2018

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