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PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films.

Left for 5 minutes by their teacher, the gang jump aboard the pirate ship and are taken on a wild adventure.

Poppy Ryan – Captain
Lexie Garner – Quartermaster
Eevee Savage – Megladore Maggie
Zoe Lemanski – Stinky Toemouth
Ivy Starr Williams – Blackbeard Brenda
Sophie Mulryan – Sprog
Zoe McCarthy – Toby Onetooth
Abigail Piercy – Jolly Molly
Casey – Surely MacWeenly
Miya Tiago – One Legged Hopalot
Eve Riddaway – Pirate / Mermaid
Niko Mount – Pirate
Charlotte Cooke – Pirate
Ruby Lyons – Stormtrooper
Erin Kelly – Pirate
Darcy Smith – Pirate
Niall Robinson –Darth Vader’s Right-Hand Man
Jack Cormack – Darth Vader
Sienna Grant – Pirate
Annalise Davies – Pirate
Ethan Mearns – Pirate
Aila Ratcliff – Pirate

Film & TV Teachers:
Phil Perez
Tom Lockwood

Robert Lyon

  • 2019

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