PQA Bolton

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Northern Regional Official Selection
5 Week Film Challenge Runner Up

The show is about to start and the main cast are all in a panic for one reason or another…what is going to help calm them down?


Iris McHaddan
Chloe Soria St Pierre
Maisie Derbyshire
Eryn Eatherall

Director – Molly Sneddon

Assistant Director – Eryn Eatherall

Camera Operator – Annalisa Gilmore

Camera Assistant – Abigail Bielby

Sound Recordist – Lila Wallwork

Clapper and Props – Sarah Ciorasteanu


Costume – Chloe Soria St Pierre

Hair and Makeup – Maisie Derbyshire

Lighting – Molly Sneddon

Editing – Iris McHaddan and Annalisa Gilmore

  • 2019

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