Sketch Comedy

PQA Watford

PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films.

A comedic telling of the relationship between children and their parents.

Directors – Jaynee Karia, Emily Stasin, Tayla Barnett, Tamara Saunders, Bailey Hewitt and Cameron Wright
Writers – Lily Frosdick and Oren Wien Lubin
Producers – Lily Frosdick, Ashleigh – Louise Barrell, Miriam Shaw and Will Phipps
1st AD’s – Heather Holmes and Harry Hickles

DOP’s – Katie Parker, Rosie Moroney-Lewis and Oren Wien Lubin
Camera Operators – Shalla Patel, Shania Patel, Niall Game and Benjamin Saunders
Production Designers – Yashasvi Joshi and Hannah Rowe
Sound Recordists – Emily Kirby, Daniel Remmington and Hannah Jones
Boom Operators – Jude Makinson and Chesney Jacobs

Hannah Rowe
Michelle Game
Harsha Patel
Shania Patel
Miriam Shaw
Dave Jones
Mulligan Makinson
Martha Moroney-Lewis
Amelia-Grace Barrell
Cameron Wright

  • 2019

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