Spy Division

PQA Peterborough

PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films.

The PQA Spy Division manages to save the day and solve the mystery of the Duchess’s missing necklace!

Georgia Dooley – Spy Kid
Anabelle Burgess – Spy Kid
Grace Pearce-Higginson – Spy Kid
Winter Coles – Spy Kid
Lola Georgiou – Spy Kid
Nikita Mirauskaite – Spy Kid
Isabella Gargallo – Spy Kid
Olivia Lomas – Spy Kid
Desiree Dhokwani – Duchess
Nia Williams – Police Officer
Francesca Monsey – Police Officer
Rocco D’Agostino – Thief
Fraser Walker – Thief

Olivia Lomas

Isabella Gargallo

Camera Operator:
Maisie Doyle

Sound Recordists:
Anya Ruff
Eve Taylor
Isla Rose Smythe

Clapper Loaders:
Skyla Monsey
Isla Pattinson
Emilia Pike

Film & TV Teachers:
Michael Watson
Gill Williams

Maureen Wardill

  • 2019

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