The Boy Who Cried Wolf

PQA Peterborough

The Boy Who Cried Wolf by PQA Peterborough

PQA Muswell Hill Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

Based on the meaning behind the well-known fable. A teenage boy who consistently makes up stories and tells them to his friends encounters a scary being in the woods. Will his friends believe him, and what are the consequences of being a liar?

Maureen Wardill

Film & TV Teacher:
Gill Williams

Film Assistant:
Matty Deane

Alice Paterson

Rhyanna Watkins
Kian Lincoln
Kyle Jermaine-Jackson
James Shaw
Alicia Dalligan
Imogen Anderson
Katy Leet
Eliza Johnston
Matilda Sexton
George Vaudrey

Harry Cocking
Kiera Upton
Hayden Gregson
Ashton Burgess
Harrison Milner
Caroline Coulman
Matilda Sexton
Hazel Bell
Ellie Strickett

  • 2019

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