The Choice

PQA Maidstone

One Minute to Save the World 2019 Runner Up

At the start of the year PQATV and The Children’s Media Conference challenged young filmmakers to make a one minute short film on the theme of ‘One Minute to Save the World’.
We asked them to make a film about something that they believe in. A film that makes us think, that is authentic to them.

Director Statement:
Two teens wake up in the middle of nowhere. They hear a voice instructing them to make a choice. The ultimate choice. “Kill your loved ones, friends and family. Or I will destroy humanity”. With only 60 seconds to decide, tension runs high between the pair. What would you choose? We made this film as we are both fans of similar genre films, thrillers especially. We wanted to question morals through characters. The characters have very different views, but work together. We wanted to show that teamwork is essential to anything, no matter how extreme.

Amy Newman as The Woman
Louie Fellows as The Man and The Voice

Written, filmed and directed by:
Amy Newman
Louie Fellows

Edited by:
Louie Fellows

  • 2019

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