The Fairies

PQA Harrogate

PQA Leeds Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

The Fairies, 2017 is an academy film from PQA Harrogate. Inspired by the poem of the same title by William Allingham. A young Prince curses his baby sister, who is taken by the fairies. As the time passes, the curse lifts and it is safe for the Princess to return, however she is heartbroken when told she has to leave the fairy world behind. Has the Young Prince seen the error in his childish ways?

The poem has been sung and choreographed by Blue group, with main roles cast in Green group and film crew from Red group

Cast Sarah-Beth Cooper Liam Shepherd Freddie Eve Grace Illingsworth Lauren Barnes Piper-Rose Golub Joshua Holmes

Director Courtney Missa Supporting Cast Molly Taylor Stephanie Lewis Olivia Beqiri Lucy Featherstone Kiera Leachman Kate Dalszell

Crew Cinematography – Arron Simpson Sound – James Heath-Smith

  • 2018

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