The Future is Now

PQA Enfield

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Southern Regional Official Selection

Olly and Al are brilliant young scientists who invent the first ever time orb. Together they travel 100 years into the future. They encounter a terrifying world occupied by Moboids – human electronic hybrids. They must travel back to the present to change the future.

Maeve McGinley
Aviana Petrou
Ruby Sky Philips
Lachlan Bourke
Azra Albay
Kyla Bicar

Belle Barrett
Lexi Cooper
Rian Ghosh
Amber Pierides
Amelia Tyrimos
Rosie Lausch
Jah’Kyrrie–Ann Rose Grier

Lily Theodorou
Reyan Aslan
Alissia Anikitou
Esha Nambisan
Elizabeth Roberts
Mira Cosgun

  • 2019

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