The Lady in White

PQA Bury

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Northern Regional Official Selection

30 years ago a girl in white went missing in the woods….now some very strange things are happening. It’s just an Urban Legend… or is it?


Lana Nuttall
Isla Byrom
Megan Jones
Oscar Tinker
Zane Gallagher
Clementine Knowles
Lily Rodgers
Sienna Mathews
Connor Beckwith

Danny Murphy, Lily Rodgers & Lana Nuttall

Danny Murphy, Lily Rodgers, Lana Nuttall, Isla Byrom, Megan Jones, Sienna Mathews, Clementine Knowles, Oscar Tinker, Zane Gallagher & Liberty Davis




Director of Photography – Liberty Davis

Sound Recordists – Oscar Tinker & Megan Jones

Costume & Make-Up – Clementine Knowles & Megan Jones

  • 2019

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