The Silence

PQA York

PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films

When a group of students stuck in afternoon detention start to discuss what actually happens to you during your time in detention, they start to wonder if there is something a little more sinister going on at the school. Where is their classmate, who they haven’t seen since last month’s detention? What’s up with the headmaster? And have they got a plan to escape… detention?

Willem Roberts
Mikey Preece
Lola Ogden
Arabella Carter Dunn
Maddie Rose Dockerty
Josiah Brown
Lenny Kirk
Sabrina Pugh
Teddy Borisov
Gabriella Hayton

Jess Windust
Daisy Dunn
Seran Griffiths
Ellen Bray Koss
Libby Anderson
Sam Cox
Immy Dunn
Milly Dunn

Andy Roberts

PQA York PM Blue Group

Film & TV Teacher:
Andy Roberts

James Aconley

  • 2019

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