The Superhero Schoolgirl

PQA Watford

An ordinary school girl with one big secret. Fighting crime, defeating evil and saving the world is difficult when you’re only eight. Especially when all you want is a friend.

Andrew Tomlins

Film & TV Teacher/Director:
Jimmy Dean

Mia Dempsey
Nathan Mangan
Afrika Appiah-Jefferson
Claudia Dean

Supporting Cast:
Lily-Anne Minerve
Ruby Chorley
Adhya Dash
Jaydhan Parmar
Varnkia Jain
Niamh Joyce
Zahra Khan
Kira Samuel
Jaiden Antwi
Lily Munro
Madeleine Hartman
Amelia-Grace Barrell
Thalia Mann
Sena Britton

  • 2019

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