PQA National Film Festival & Awards 2018 Official Selection

Overall winning PQA Film Festival Film of 2018

Olivia and Grace are best friends, but when a mysterious notebook falls at Grace’s feet it causes a rift between the two school girls which alters Grace’s social standing in the school.

Kelsey Crowley
Jessie Parkinson
Becca Hesketh
Chloe Wright
Alana Wade
Adam Lahraoui
Alex Swales
Naomi Route

Supporting Cast
Amilia Krokos
Tom Rice
Molly Armitage
Ayla Boswell
Beth Smith
Ellie Waskett
Sadie Jessey

Camera, Lighting & Sound 
Lachlen Haigh
Sophie Miller
Elinor Jackson
Taya Tant
Gianna Tiongson
Beau Anten

Production Assistant
Isaac Verrall

  • 2018

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