PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films.

A challenge set by the Principal. Based on a short story by Italo Calvino: There has been a long-standing restriction on many activities and so the town’s peoples have occupied their time playing ‘TipCat’.  What will happen when the ban on everything else is lifted?

Directed by Sagar Sethia

Written by Italo Calvino – Blue Group dramatisation

Narrator: Minty Wensley
The Constable: Gracie Winn
The Messenger: Aisha Willoughby
Towns People: Ben Bradbury, Isla Calum, Henry Clinch, Amber Tesha, Astrid Wallace, Minty Wensley, Chloe Mckenna, Sagar Sethia, Jack Tear

  • 2019

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