Waiting In The Wings

PQA Watford

March 2018 Film of the Month

The stage is set and the audience are seated, but as nerves kick in can the show go on?

Grace Pursur
Cameron Wright
Isabela Asid
Hannah Rowe
Calum Barton
Yasmeen Lalchan
Saoirse Clyne
Grace Da Costa
Lily Da Costa

Harry Hickles

Shannon Heffernan

Director of Photography:
Luka Asid

Camera Operator:
Hazel Reidy

Production Designers:
Tegan Anderson
Jessica Ammerlaan
Georgina Carey

Assistant Directors:
Charlie Silver
Scarlett Sear

Sound Recordist:
Millie Enskat

Boom Operator:
Jodie Blake

Chesney Jacobs

  • 2018

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