Film Festival Slate 2020

22nd January 2020

Last year we represented 10 films made at Academies which were selected for the PQA Film Festival 2018 to represent at festivals across the world during 2019. We are proud to continue on their success and this year we have selected 12 films from the 2019 Official Selection to submit to festivals throughout 2020.

You can read about last years festival success here

Congratulations to

Grandma’s Supercharged Birthday PQA Ipswich
New Girl PQA Wirral
Peridot PQA Bishop’s Stortford
Rescue PQA Cambridge
Safe With Me PQA Leicester
Stage Fright PQA Brighton West
The Abyss PQA Watford
The ADC PQA Chester
The Bear Trap PQA Wakefield
The Future is Now PQA Enfield
The Silence PQA Tees Valley
Two Faced PQA Wickford