Summerlake Update

9th November 2018

Summerlake is the very first in house PQATV production and we filmed the pilot episode in October in the beautiful Lake District.

When brother and sister Megan and Bradley are forced to leave their friends and move to the middle of nowhere, they are flung into a magical world of endless dimensional possibilities. Leaving the boring city and their Dad behind, Meg and Brad reluctantly set about making a new life for themselves at Summerlake, the outdoor educational centre that their mum Liz and new husband, retired army sergeant Mike, have decided to open. After ‘accidentally’ losing their annoying little step-sister Esme in the woods they meet Harry, an inter-dimensional portal, who has the mystical ability to shift time and space showing them how their life could have been, but as the warning goes… be careful what you wish for…

Summerlake was cast from within Quirky Kidz, with four main roles plus a whole host of fabulous supporting artists taking part in filming from a range of academies including Guildford, York, Beverley and Harrogate.

We are currently wrapping up post-production on the first episode, check out the teaser here!