The PQATV Film Festival Slate

1st April 2019

PQATV is excited to announce the Academy films that have been selected for the inaugural PQATV Film Festival Slate.

We will be managing film festivals submissions for the below films throughout 2019, along with the short films made during our Script to Screen residential screen acting & filmmaking weeks.

Congratulations to

PQA Cambridge – Extracurricular, PQA Brighton West – Disco for Dummies, PQA High Wycombe – Supernova, PQA Bishops Stortford – The Wish, PQA Tees Valley – The Guitar Player & It Came From Pluto, PQA Darlington – Letters from the Trench’s, PQA Ipswich – Like and Subscribe, PQA Worcester – Glasses and PQA Richmond – Elf.


Swindon Independent Film Festival 2019: Extracurricular, Letters from the Trenches, The Guitar Player, It Came From Pluto, Elf, Like & Subscribe, Supernova, The Wish, The Waiting Room and Perfection 1309.

Lift Off First Time Filmmaker Sessions 2019: Perfection 1309 and The Waiting Room

CineYouth: Chicago Film Festival 2019: The Guitar Player

The Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival 2019: Extracurricular 

North East Young Filmmakers Awards 2019: The Guitar Player, Letters from the Trenches, and It Came From Pluto

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