PQATV Young Screenwriter 2018 Winner

14th November 2018

PQATV are extremely proud and excited to announce the very first winner of the inaugural PQATV Screenwriting Competition…. drum roll please…

“A Monster In The Fridge” by Meredith Ryder from PQA Hemel Hempstead – Green Group.

Meredith, who was aged 8 when she wrote the treatment, wins the opportunity to work with a professional screenwriter to develop her treatment into a script. PQATV Productions will then make the film next year and Meredith will get to shadow the director, along with other students from the Academy.

We found it extremely difficult to pick a winner, and were overwhelmed with the quality of script treatments we received. We received 65 entries in total and narrowed  it down before the summer to 28 Highly Commended Script Treatments.

Below are the Runner Up winners who will each receive a certificate and a special PQA pen.

  • “Tamed Paws” by Hope Bradley from PQA Worcester – Green Group
  • “Drama Kid” by Amber Rhodes from PQA Richmond – Blue Group
  • “Rubbish!” by George Beasley from PQA Canterbury – Blue Group
  • “Over The Wall” by Lucy Kilfara from PQA Edinburgh – Blue Group
  • Fortitudo” by Katie Hutchings from PQA Chislehurst and Sidcup – Red Group
  • “Moment” by Grace Maclean from PQA Brighton West – Red Group
  • “Genuine Genius” by Prem Shah from PQA Richmond – Red Group

“Winning makes me feel awesome.  I can’t believe it.  I couldn’t have done it without my PQA film and Tv teachers, Ben and Ruth, who give me so many brilliant ideas, and obviously David [ed. David Jenkins, Prinipal] at PQA Hemel Hempstead who is just inspirational.  I love PQA so much and I am so excited about seeing my film in real life.  P.s. I had my birthday on Monday so I am 9 now.”

Meredith Ryder, aged 9!