Poppets trailer


‘Need a confidence boost? – Call the Poppets!

All aboard with the Poppets as Daisy, Lewis, Poppy and Cory sing and dance their way across the UK. The Poppets have a mission and they are here to help, no problem is too small. Lost your voice, forgotten your dance steps or do you just need reminding to Be Yourself, Be Amazing. Then join the Poppets band as they travel in their tour bus along with fun loving musical Melissa and grumpy Maggie leaving a trail of happiness behind them. Maybe you could be their next stop!

Poppets are friends, problem solvers, an older brother or sister and a musical band!

The Poppets are bound together by their love of singing, dancing and performing and exist in an animated world that is only interrupted when they get their call to arms from the ‘real’ world.

  • 2019