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One minute to save the world.

At the start of the year PQATV and CMC challenged young filmmakers to make a one minute short film on the theme of ‘One Minute to Save the World’.

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To find out more about the young filmmaker’s intentions behind making their films scroll to the bottom of this page to read their statements.

01 – Butterfly Botox by Charlie Hills
Butterfly Botox is the story of a boy who feels pressured by his microcosm of society to fit in and feel beautiful so he visits a clinic and receives a new, pioneering treatment called Butterfly Botox. The treatment makes the patient beautiful for 48 hours but the patient dies afterwards like the ephemeral butterfly, emphasising the lengths to which people will go for beauty. I chose to represent the lead as a male as teenage boys emotional and mental health problems caused by a pressure to look flawless is often overlooked. This is a film for anyone who has been told they aren’t beautiful or smart or funny enough and has been looked down upon by their peers because beauty isn’t everything, as Patient 0 finds out in Butterfly Botox.

02 – Children’s Rights by Tilly Mae Jones
I was the “UNICEF Rights Respecting Representative” at my school, therefore I feel the rights of the children are important.This film is about raising awareness about children’s rights as they are very important. Some children’s rights are not respected and I think we can save the world by telling people about the rights of the child so we can improve their future.

03 – Dare to Change by Dylan Scott & Romain Soubes Goldman
Our film is about breaking through norms and trying something new. This film is important to me because I know a lot of people who have ignored the dreams they had when they were younger and convinced themselves that they will only ever be ‘average’. I think this lack of motivation is counter-productive and I hope to help minimise this assumption even if it only helps a few.

04 – It’s Not Too Late by Will Stogden
The film I have created is about running out of time to save the world. This is shown by the characters inability to reach the button to save the world as he battles against one factor of climate change which is littering and rubbish. Once the character tips the chart by littering again, the world starts to revenge and re-gives all the litter it has gained throughout the years. The character is unable to reach the button and everything goes black, showing the world will be nothing unless we change. This important to me as it worries me that the world is going downhill and many people are not doing anything about it to help us all survive. It is also important to me as my all time dream is to become a director or an asset to the filmmaking community where I can spread movie magic, this is my biggest dream and this video will help me reach my goal.

05 – Limitless by Annette Hannah
This short film is about a girl that is told as a child, just like everyone else, that she can do anything and should reach for the stars. But as she grows up she starts to realise that’s not what society wants from her and because of it she loses interest in what she once loved and finally conforms to society’s norms. I wanted to make a film that highlights the imperfections in life, how many of us are told as young children that we can do anything but as soon as we reach the age where we can make that decision we’re told that we can’t do it. It also hits quite close to home as from many personal experiences and other people’s, many of us have been in a situation where we wanted to pursue a job in the arts but have been put down by the very people that encouraged us many years ago, and I created this film for people to reflect on themselves and realise that discouraging young people from doing what they love can end up doing more damage than good.

06 – Nature’s Child by Eden Quine-Taylor
For years, Mother Nature has been the carer of our world. From the deep blue oceans to the greenest forests she has looked down upon all who tread over the earth. But now, a new generation is beginning and she must hand these duties to her daughter. Mother Nature’s child begins a quest to save the world from destruction and believes that only when mankind learns to love this planet, and each other, will the world truly be saved. This one minute film hopes to capture the beauty of our earth, demonstrating the need for us all to share the responsibility of working towards the same goal. Love, makes the world go around. Love is limitless. Nature’s Child is important to me because I am part of the next generation. Like Nature’s Child, my generation has the responsibility of looking after a world that is so far from perfect. We need to find a way to work together, across the different lands, towards one goal. That being, to be able to co-exist with all living things in natural harmony and to rid our planet of pollution.

07 – One Person Can Save The World by Satie Polidoro-Thursby
Why I made the film: This film is targeted at a younger audience and uses comedy to express a deeper, more poignant point. I am very passionate about preserving the environment and I think it’s essential to teach children the ways in which we can save our world: the simple act of picking up litter for example.

08 – Plastic World by Iyla Small, Sophie O’Neill & Neve Rich
When given the topic of saving the world, our youngest students almost exclusively wanted to talk about an environmental issue. The majority of them were very aware of the damage plastic is doing to sea life and felt we could all do more to reduce plastic use.

09 – The Choice by Louie Fellows & Amy Newman
Two teens wake up in the middle of nowhere. They hear a voice instructing them to make a choice. The ultimate choice. “Kill your loved ones, friends and family. Or I will destroy humanity”. With only 60 seconds to decide, tension runs high between the pair. What would you choose? We made this film as we are both fans of similar genre films, thrillers especially. We wanted to question morals through characters. The characters have very different views, but work together. We wanted to show that teamwork is essential to anything, no matter how extreme.

10 – Magic Money Tree by Jacob Michel and ensemble
This modern fable was created by PQA Cardiff Green group AM and gives an insight into what would happen if money really did grow on trees. In a modern society where people are consumed by greed and the need for more, is the way to save the world to simply share what we already have?

11 – Uranium Oven by Jack Thompson and Tyler Smith
A daring scientist is experimenting with Uranium in his basement when he calls his housemate to check if the oven is on which could sabotage his work causing the end of the world. We created the film as we are two aspiring film makers and screen actors and by doing this it allows us to get more experience and improve our films. We also did it as we enjoy filmmaking and creating comical content gives us joy. The film is important to us as we believe it let’s us be the best we could by putting all our skills and practice of filmmaking and acting and condensing it into one minute, we’re still very proud with our outcome.

12 – Zoo by Mia-Mai Costelloe-Densem, Sophia Kazarian, Ella-Scarlett Gallart Houghton, Jaime Roberts & Ava Abel
Humans have built zoos so that their children can get a glimpse of hundreds of species of animals from all over the world. But how does it all look through their eyes?

13 – Just Imagine by Blue Group at PQA Finchley
Kids share their concerns about the extinction of animals in our world. We feel its important to show the world from our perspective of how we see animals are dying out in the world, and how we feel their loss.

14 – Another Story by Thaisa Smart, Amelie Bridge, Alba McCann-Carrasco, Kenya Richards & Leah Odell Angba 
Growing numbers of teenagers are struggling with mental health and this is exacerbated by the lack of social support. It’s in your power to change the ending.

15 – You Are Not Alone by Jessica Devonald, Sofia Piletto, Katharine Smallacombe Riley, Anna Tresigne, Rhea Sahib & Stella Parkinson 
This short film exposes three girls’ stories which turn out to be more similar than they are different. With mental health problems more prevalent than ever, it is important to remember that you are not alone.