Cinderella: Soccer Player

PQA Cardiff

PQA Bristol Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

Cinderella is bad at sports, she trains every day and weekend but still she can’t kick a ball, swing a bat or keep up with her classmates! Maybe it’s time for a new coach…

Cast Livielia Norton Rio Rodrigues Jack Bancroft Chloe Hanbury Brooke Cooper Phoebe Nimmo Emily Clarke

Director Lara Das Crew 1st AD – Max Percival 2nd AD Iola Davies Director of Photography – Madison Pearce Camera Operator – Marni Thomas

Crew Production Manager – Catryn Morgan Production Designer – Natan Barratt Sound Recordist – Charlie Kaunhoven & Charlie Rodgers Costume, Hair and Make up – Lily-Bleu Smith & Ava Cummins Clapper Loader – Maya Dyson Assistant Camera – Caden Harry

  • 2018

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