Cupcake Noir

PQA Derby

PQA Leeds Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

With the stakes as high as the sugar content in her missing cupcakes, our hero is on the trail of a stone-cold cake thief. However, in the world of competitive baking sometimes your biggest rival can be yourself.

Cast Charlotte Ashley Ryan Cudworth Millie Ludlow Phoebe Hyde Connor Mulgrew Ihina Painuly

Crew 1st Ad – Ihina Painuly Camera – Connor Mulgrew Sound – Ryan Cudworth, Millie Ludlow, Phoebe Hyde, Connor Mulgrew, Ihina Painuly

Crew Script Supervisor – Millie Ludlow, Ihina Painuly Slate Loader – Ryan Cudworth, Connor Mulgrew Set Design – Victoria Brown

  • 2018

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