PQA Cambridge

PQA National Film Festival & Awards 2018 Official Selection

4 Week Film Challenge Overall 2018 Winning Film

Sarah, a straight-A-student, discovers there is more to life than academic grades; problem is she prefers books to people and is quickly running out of extra-curricular options…

Sarah – Abigail Ball
Gaby – Ana-Gabriella Magee-Valladares
Tim – Timothy Lane
Rhys – Rhys Edmunds
Frankie – Frankie Doe
Lola – Eloisa Chirico
Counsellor Harris – Mikey Kowalczyk

1st AD – Nick Banks (Comedy & Drama Teacher)
ADR & Soundtrack – Dale Suttle
On Location Sound – Ffion Laugharne
Flute – Gemma Kowalczyk

  • 2018

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