Manner Ease

PQA Rugby

PQA Bristol Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

“Are you having trouble with bad manners? Then you need Manner Ease! One squeeze puts manners at ease!”

Cast Louisa Roberts Harriette Barrow Anya Watson Daisy Champness-Comely Lilia Clare Maya Dabrowska Isobelle Gibson Francesca Goldingay Joseph Murphy Tia Nuttall Isabella Osborne Shannon Burns

Cast Maia Richards Jesse Richards Louisa Roberts Emily Smedley Evan Soley Evie Tilley Francesca Watson Lily White Maryn Yates Taylor-Grace Yousaf Joe Dowsing

Crew Director of Photography – Jay Langdell 2nd Camera – Jamie Sergeant Sound – Gaz Openshaw

  • 2018

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