Mission: Improbable

PQA Cardiff

PQA Bristol Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

An F on a paper and a threat to show it to her parents! What is a girl meant to do? Attempt a mission that seems impossible of course!  

Cast Kerry Price Ciara Mcalpine Dylan O’brien Kevin Barratt Alfie Williams Edward Knight Chloe Stickland Josie Thomas Rachel Price

Director Frank Dummer Crew 1st AD – Ruben Kelman Director of Photography – Lily Hills Camera Operator – April Mugadza

Crew Production Manager – Isabelle Colley Production Designer – Amani Brace Sound Recordist – Caitlin Baldwin Costume, Hair And Make Up – Alice Bennett & Ella Louise Overstone Stills Photographer – Libby Ashment

  • 2018

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