Mission: Snow Globe

PQA Thanet

A short film created by PQA Thanet Blue AM Group
5 Week Film Challenge Highly Commended!

Genre: Adventure
PROP – A Snow Globe
COSTUME – Wellington Boots
DIALOGUE – “I just can’t figure it out, the book said to turn it left, right, left then all the way round anti-clockwise”

Maya Cumber
Mia Franks
Daniel Gannon
Gracie May Icke
Emma Edgeworth
Eloise Edgeworth
Zara Aansari
Amy Baker
Leila Chandler
Lottie Clark
Paige Collins
Coco Curtis
Francesca Dodds
Aaliyah Gale
Nola Girdlestone
Darius Greenlaw
Archie Hill
Ella Louise Icke
Ruben Lanciaprima
Poppy Marshall
Evie Moody
Mia O’Conor
Maya Quattroluni
Esme Smith
Aurora Walker
Alyah Wady

Vinnie Bloomfield

Ella Louise Icke
Darius Greenlaw


  • 2020

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