Once Upon A Time in PQ America

PQA Rugby

A short film created by PQA Rugby

Tensions are high between two notorious rival gangs, the Snickers and the Ripples. This town ain’t big enough for the both of them.

Samuel Humphries (Voice Over)
Elarna Cole
Stella Blake
Charlotte Wain
Lucy French
Natalya Elden
Charlie Glenn
Maddie Pratt
Amy Hill
Thea Watson
Yasmin Warrington
Jessica Tooth-Markham


Jaden Meek
Sasha Roberts
Samuel Humphries
Abigail Green
Poppy Hadlow
Sarah Pilsniak
Poppy Johnson
Lily Murley
Finley Ashwood
Ben Clifton
Johnny Hull
Harry Bennett
Brandon Bentley-Moriaty

  • 2020

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