Sweet Dreams

PQA Rugby

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Northern Regional Official Selection

What happens when we enter dream world? Well that depends on whether you have been good or bad during the day. Join Katie in dreamland to see if the Tidbits can overpower the Bitings to ensure Katie has Sweet Dreams.


Rosana Harlin
Florence Jones
Katie Jones
Annabelle Nixon
Summer Southam
Lily Bryson
Poppy Morris

Lily Faulding
Alice Guard
Nathaniel Harper
Daisy Nash
Jai Topiwala
Amelia Taylor
Amy Kodagoda
Abigail Niner
Laura Harlin

Adam Booth
Ashleigh Khan
Krishan Topiwala
Charlie Alesbrook
Clara Mae Caulton
Tom Gorev
Freya Grover
Esme Seren Barlow
Joel Tytler

  • 2019

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