The Magic Money Tree

PQA Cardiff

One Minute to Save the World 2019 Finalist.

At the start of the year PQATV and The Children’s Media Conference challenged young filmmakers to make a one minute short film on the theme of ‘One Minute to Save the World’.

We asked them to make a film about something that they believe in. A film that makes us think, that is authentic to them.

Director Statement:
This modern fable was created by PQA Cardiff Green group AM and gives an insight into what would happen if money really did grow on trees. In a modern society where people are consumed by greed and the need for more, is the way to save the world to simply share what we already have?

Scarlett Davies
Ollie Corcoran
Tilly Gadd
Lola Walsh
Mia Doolan
Ira Leigh Scott
Hazel Lawson
VOICE OVER – Tilly Gadd

Jacob Michelle

1st AD:
Maggie Williams

2nd AD:
Sorana Andriucia

Charlie Kaunhoven
Miley-Mae Evan
Hannah Heaversedge

Grace Enright

Clapper Loader & Stills Photographer:
Scarlett Emery

Samantha Jones

Camera Assistant:
Elyssa Johnson

Costume, Hair & Make-up:
Lily Rogers
Olivia Scott

Ava Ali

Set Design:
Olivia Leslie

  • 2019

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