War And Cake

PQA Richmond

War breaks out when a brother eats his sister’s portion of delicious chocolate cake! Each sibling forms an army and marches. For death, for glory and most importantly cake.

Stanley Warbrick
Sara Boerner
Luca Chick
Jaden Gomez-Fernandez
Miah Jones
Bonnie Madden
Giorgia Piletto
Ralph Raven
Betsy Ireland
Rebecca Achay
Olivia Faulkner
Ellie-Rebecca Loveridge
Mahi Preman
Emily Ward
Isabel Weaver
Maisie Wilcox
Angelina Zadora
Hannah Anketell

Director / Editor:
Matthew Kaltenborn
Grace Smith
Camera Assistant:
Thea Wallace

Charlie Langham

  • 2016

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