“Woody meets Buzz” from Toy Story

PQA Cardiff

PQA Film Festival 2019 – Southern Regional Official Selection
Big Screen Classics Red Group Winner

Recreation of a famous scene from the 1995 classic Toy Story. Andy has a new toy, intergalactic spaceman Buzz Lightyear, the only problem is, he doesn’t realise he’s a toy…

Cast & Crew
Elisha Allen
Caitlin Baldwin
Georgina Belcher
Megan Bell
Alice Bennett
James Burrows
Scarlett Doherty
Grace Garland
Molly Harding

Ffion Hodder
Catrin Hodder
Frankie-Mae Jones
Kirsty Mackay
Ciara McAlpine
Grace Mc Guigan
Drew Morris
April Mugadza
Dylan White

Liam Norton
Orion Pouetre
Kerry Price
Roxie-Jo Smith
Ella Thomas
Josie Thomas
Kane Tutssel
Robyn Westgarth Davies

  • 2019

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