Aardman Animation Competition

24th May 2021

We are excited to continue our partnership with world-renowned animation studios Aardman Animations. You are invited to create short stop frame animations using clay or plasticine models, toys, objects, anything! The competition is open to all PQA students and coincides with the launch of Aardman’s new ‘Animator’ App.

To find out more watch this video from Gavin Strange one of the Directors at Aardman and also one of our Aardman competition judges:

A message to young filmmakers from competition judge Gavin Strange:

“I’m really excited to be a judge for this stop-frame competition. What I’m looking for is a sense of story and a connection with the characters. It doesn’t have to be technically perfect or use the snappiest editing (although that all helps of course) but some of the best films, no matter how short, have a real sense of connection with the characters within it. That can be showed with a movement or a voice, or both! What’s most important though and what I’m most looking forward to seeing, is the fun you’ll have in making your own films. You should enjoy the process and believe in your idea, because when you do, that flows through your work and you can really tell with the end result. Good luck!”

Download the Aardman Animator app

How it works:

  • Short films made during Academy sessions AND films made by individual students in their own time are eligible.
  • Download the new Aardman Animator app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store onto an appropriate device. Please ask parents permission before doing this. Please note, the App will be available after 1st June 2021
  • Watch the video tutorials within the App and experiment with stop frame animation at home.
  • Download and print the awesome Aardman resources below to help you with your production.
  • Make your own awesome short animation film and enter the competition!
  • Short films should be between 1-5 minutes in duration.
  • There are two age group categories, under and over 12 with a winner and two runners-up in each, plus an overall winner and an audience award.
  • Winning films will be broadcast by Aardman and PQATV on their YouTube Channels.
  • There is a bespoke, one-off PQA/Aardman ‘Morph’ trophy for the winner and PQA clapperboard Awards and an industry mentorship Zoom session with Gavin Strange plus PQA clapper-board trophies for winners and runners-up too.

Download these awesome Aardman resources to help you out!

How to submit your film

  • Films need to be submitted by 24th July 202
  • Filmmakers will be informed of the results on 30th July
  • Short film should be between 1-5 minutes in duration.
  • Parents should send films on behalf of students via WeTransfer, |Dropbox, Googledrive or a similar file transfer service to: filmandtv@pqacademy.com (Please do not upload to YouTube).
  • Film Files should be labelled: Student First Name Name, Age and Academy they attend e.g. Ruby11PQANorwich.mp4. Please label emails ‘Aardman Competition Entry’.
  • Sound should PEAK at -6db (including all music and FX).
  • All music / imagery should be copyright free.

For Academies

Academy Principals running the project in groups can access supporting education documents and further information here: S:\PQA\05. Creative Modules\Film & Television\1.Competitions Challenges and Projects\Aardman Animation Competition

Academies should register their participation in the challenge here: https://forms.monday.com/forms/03c22cceae41c29a36a1e24fda66a654?r=use1

Good luck and have fun! If you need any further help or advice, or if you have any questions please email: filmandtv@pqacademy.com