Break Time

PQA Enfield

PQA National Film Festival & Awards 2018 Official Selection

A group of school children find a strange box in the school playground which transports them back in time. They meet a group of mysterious Victorian children who lead them to a house occupied by their Master.  Will the group of friends find a way to get back to the future or will they remain in the past?

Tiana Anikitou
Ciara Barr
Peter Brook
Asli Cetin
Jasmine Dawe
Rudina Germenji

Jessica Kotoni
Maeve McGinley
Peyton Morton
Hannah O’Farrell
Rose Pickles
Luana Harman
Grace Kelly

Harry Price
Khira Slimani
Kayann Tuitt
Sophia Turner
Anson Ward

  • 2018

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