Pheabo The Robot Time Machine

PQA Enfield

February 2018 Film of the Month

Feeling like you don’t fit in can make you feel really lonely, but the school’s science fair might provide an opportunity to show the other kids just what you can do.

Tiana Anikitou
Rianna Biswas
Sutania Brownbogle
Shenice Friday
Grace Kelly
Poppy Langthorne
Kelsey Lawrence
Phoebe Maunders
Mar-Valisha McGhan
Anson Ward
Keira Webb

Chanei Meikle-Brown
Lauren O Harrow
Hannah O’ Farrell
Ayse Orhan Pennell
Harry Price
Ella Ryland
Briana Shann
Emily Tasker
Kayann Tuitt
Tia Twitchings

Naila Vasquez

Adriana Perez
Naila Vasquez

  • 2018

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