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PQA Online Film Festival of Highly Commended Films.

Shot on Location at the local Butterfly Sanctuary, Blue group students created a coming of age film called ReImagine.

This is particularly pertinent to Blue Group aged between 10-12 as they are often between childhood and a teenager or young person. This often difficult period of their life where they are not children but not adults and going through puberty, finding it hard to find themselves and get used to all their hormones and all the emotions and pressures that secondary school brings. Maisie the main character takes inspiration from the Butterfly’s journey from Caterpillar and “Reimagines” herself.

ReImagined Girl  – Maise Lee
Ex Best Friend – Chelsea Mc Cracken
Ex Best Friend – Evie Crocker

Written by:
Maise Lee
Evie Crocker

Film & TV Teacher:
Emily Appleton

Victoria Whelan

  • 2019

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