PQA Muswell Hill Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

In the year 2282, an android named Lakme 934 and its creator Dr Amaja are alone in the laboratory. Although Lakme is a machine, it has a growing interest in all things human, especially love. Will Lakme’s growing insubordinate behaviour lead to mutiny?

Director Lola Turley Cast Caroline Abberstein Faris Akhtar Yasmine Araba India Dominguez Bale Lia Bates

Alani Birmingham Tamia Renee Codrington Ellie Cooper Kiera Grant Luana Harman Veronica Ingram

Lucia Innaurato Elleyana McKenzie Stephanie Ostia Freddie Pickles Ruby Pickles Jodie Skeggs Marcus Weinberger Georgina Zacharia

  • 2018

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