The Tale Of Clint Dallas

PQA Reading

PQA Bristol Regional Film Festival 2018 Official Selection

Welcome to Tombstone, Wildest ton in the West. Clint Dallas’s last day alive, but who was the shooter? A Western Who Dunnit!

Cast Barny Tartellin Robert Ellison Louie Burke Sarah Abu Shah Megan Underwood Alice Masterson-Andrews Kirsten Docherty Rebecca Rocker David Thorne-Rossiter

Directors Daniel McAra Phoebe Baxendale Writer Joanne Downes

Crew Camera Operator – Kallum Burgess Clapper Loader – Scott Jones Grip – David Thorne-Rossiter Make-Up Artist – Rebecca Rocker Sound Design & Recording – Freya Gore Set Design – India Burrel Art Department – Max Caton Continuity – Zak Caton

  • 2018

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