12 Days of Christmas 2019 Results

18th December 2019

12 Days of Christmas is a fun and creative musical filmmaking competition where we challenge you to come up with an Alternative “12 Days of Christmas”, think five skateboarding punks or ten cactus snowmen.

This we received 21 entries and we were overwhelmed with the creativity on show, our students wacky inventiveness was out in full force. Well done to the following Academies:
PQA Beverley AM, PQA Cleethorpes AM, PQA Durham AM, PQA Durham PM, PQA Earlsfield AM, PQA Enfield, PQA Finchley AM, PQA Finchley PM, PQA Fylde, PQA Halifax PM, PQA Hull PM, PQA Lichfield AM, PQA Lichfield PM, PQA Milton Keynes AM, PQA Newport AM, PQA Preston, PQA Stratford-upon-Avon AM, PQA Taunton AM, PQA Taunton PM, PQA Thanet PM and PQA York PM

Winners & Runner Ups

Joint Winners – PQA Durham AM & PQA Halifax
Joint 2nd Place – PQA Hull & PQA Durham PM
3rd Place – PQA Thanet PM
Runner Ups – PQA York PM, PQA Milton Keynes AM, PQA Taunton AM, PQA Lichfield

Look out for your Academy in the Supercut!

The most inventive days have been edited into a PQA Supercut featuring the following Academies PQA Lichfield AM, PQA Thanet PM, PQA Durham AM & PM, PQA Hull, PQA Durham AM, PQA Cleethorpes, PQA Taunton AM, PQA Halifax PM, PQA York PM and PQA Milton Keynes.

Watch all the entries here